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Questions? Please contact:

Brenda Case-Parris, Student Employment Coordinator
Career and Student Employment Services, WMU
Phone: (269) 387-2745 | Email: brenda.case-parris@wmich.edu

Jennifer Palmatier, Employer Relations Specialist
The Career Center, Haworth College of Business, WMU
Phone: (269) 387-2729 | Email: jennifer.r.palmatier@wmich.edu

Career and Student Employment Services
(269) 387-2745
1401 Ellsworth Hall
(All majors except business)

Career and Student Employment Services

The Career Center, Haworth College of Business
(269) 387-2711
3020 Schneider Hall
(Business majors)

The Career Center, Haworth College of Business

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WMU Career Services Info.
Phone: 269.387-2745 or 387-2711

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